Valentines is just around the corner!
I will be adding more soon so check back:)
Please note....The kisses are not real!
Also when ordering them you now also have
The option of the valentine message Kiss!
Just email me if that is what you would like!
They are shown with the ginger on the kiss!

Bear on Glass Heart


Fairie On Heart

Hair color

Gingerbread on heart


Say it With a KISS!
These are NOT real kisses!
But they look real!

Hair Color
Kiss color

Fairie on Kiss

Hair color

Kiss color

Gingerbread on Kiss
This is a "valentine" message Kiss
You may also choose these for the others too
Just email me and let me know!
Kiss color


Gingerbread on kiss


Teddy bear on kiss

kiss color

Fairies, gingers, Angels, teddy bear....whatever you like!
(More pics comming soon!)

Your choice of Cupcake paper
Conversation hearts, heart stripes, Froggies, hearts pink and purple

What would you like? and Frosting color?
paper type