Tile Bracelets
Here are some that I have made in the past!
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Faux Turquoise

Faux Gaspeite

Faux Abalone

Faux Amethyst Butterfly Tile

Faux Ivory/bone Butterfly tile
With real turquoise!

Galaxy Bracelet

Rose and Butterfly Cane Bracelet

"Cotton Candy"

Purple clouds Bracelet and Blue skies bracelet


Snow flake Frost

Hieroglyphic Bracelet and Pendant
Bracelet says the name RAINA and the pendant says JENNY

Purple Passion!


The Different styles of Tile bracelets!

Style 1
This is very eye catching!
Shown is the different faux stones I have made!
from Goldstone, larimar, mother of pearl, galaxite,
and Labradorite just to name a few!

Style 2
This style is also very pretty yet Simple!

Style 3
This is pretty simple yet pretty!
The tiles are smaller than the above tiles.