Sewn Bears
As if I didn't have enough hobbies, I had to find another thing to do!
 I started making Hand sewn Anime bears about 6 months ago or
so and I am loving every minute of it!
 I have met a lot of wonderful people!  And a lot of very Talented people!
Each bear is hand sewn with LOVE!
I also put scented pellets in them to make them smell just as sweet
As they look!
The scents include NAG CHAMPA (my personal favorite), ROSE, and LAVENDER.
I will be adding more scents shortly which will include BABY POWDER and SWEET PEA!
On most the nose is made from Polymer clay (imagine that!  LOL)

Here are a few pictures of the recent bears I have made!
I currently don't have any for sale but if you would like to special order one just EMAIL ME!

My very first anime bear!