The story of Maddy
the new little fairie!

My little girl, Raina, and I were outside playing!
It had been pretty warm out yesterday so we decided to go out front and
water the flowers!
Raina was just about to water the flowers when she heard this little cry.
She peaked into the flowers and here was this little tiny fairie.
The fairie was pretty scared.  We live on the main street so there was
alot of loud cars going by and well it really freaked her out!
So Raina picked her up and held her in her hand.

It will be alright little fairie!  We will move you out back and maybe you will feel
more at home.  You can sit out under the tree and listen to the birds sing!
So that is what we did!  I took the little fairie from Raina and we took her out back!

We went over to the tree and gently set her down!

Much to her surprise there was a little fairie door, a gazing ball, and some rocks!
She was pretty happy about her new home!
We gave her a little while to settle in.....

While she was checking out her new home....Raina and I decided to swing for
a little while!  We could hear her laughing and whistling!  She was having fun!
After a while
we came back to check on our new little friend!

    She seems to be right at home!
And happier than ever!
As we were getting ready to come in for the day.....
The little fairie looked up at us and said THANK YOU for
Showing me the gift of friendship and LOVE!
So many humans don't realize we DO exist and it
makes this world a scary place for just a little fairie like myself!
We told her we were just happy to have her here!
Raina then asked her what her name was and well....sadly she said she didn't
have a name:(  So Raina said, Your name will be Maddy.

So that is how Maddy became a part of our family.
She happily lives under the old tree out back.

And best of all Raina can see her from her bedroom window!
So now every morning when Raina wakes up Maddy is down there
Waving up at her!


Questions or comments about This style of fairie....
email me!