My gingerbreads are made from my
Very own gingerbread recipe!
If you smell them they smell really good!
And they smell awesome just coming out of the oven too! 
I guess that is one reason why they are my favorite little ones to make!
If you have a special order for one just EMAIL me and I will see what
I can do:)


Gingerbread with candy cane!

Gingerbread with tiny cupcake!

bow color/cupcake color

Lots of hearts Gingerbread

Gingerbread Collector

Gingerbread with Gum drops

Tiny ginger with a gumdrop
you choose gumdrop color and style....


Gingerbread with Heart candy cane
Your choice Red or Green

candy cane color

Gingerbread holding a snowflake

Gingerbread with Hat
you choose hat and scarf color!

hat colors and scarf color

Gingerbread with Mints

Gingerbread with Candy Corn

Gingerbread with Mint

Gingerbread with Sugar Cookie
Frosting color

Gingerbread in PIE!
pie and gingers are made from polymer clay.
It measures 4 inches wide and 2 inches tall.
You can choose your pie flavor!  (Cherry is shown)

pie flavor


Gingerbread with snowflake

Gingerbread Ornaments

Conversation heart

Saying on heart
Heart Color


Easter egg!


Kiss color

Gingerbread on Kiss
This is a "valentine" message Kiss
You may also choose these for the others too
Just email me and let me know!

Kiss color

Gingerbread on heart


Gingerbread Ornament
You choose color!


Gingerbread Ornament iridescent bulb

Gingerbread on bell Ornament
You choose color


Gingerbread on candy cane

Gingerbread on star
you choose color



Gingerbread with BOW
This one is made from light brown clay
Ornament or Figurine!


Gingerbread with Cinnamon stix
Ornament or figurine



Ginger and Christmas Candy!
this little guy is all set for a tummy ache!
He has gumdrops, green mints and red mints!


Ginger with Candy
This little ginger has a candy Cane and more Christmas candy!

Gingerbread Blue Berry SUNDAE!

Gingerbread with Present
Ornament or Figurine!


Present COLOR

This little guy LOVES cotton candy!!  He JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH!
Your choice of Yellow, blue, pink, purple, or green cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Color




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