Fairie Gazing Balls
Alright so the fairies have been wanting to decorate
their little places in my back yard!
They have asked me to make Fairie Gazing Balls!  Well
If you know the fairies like I do YOU BETTER do what they say!
So here they are!
You can choose from a swirly ball or
iridescent ball.  (more to come soon)
you can also choose your stand color too.
The faux wood can be stained Cherry, Maple, or Oak.
Or if you would like it silver, gold, or any other color I can do that too!
The taller ones are just under 2 inches tall.
the smaller one is just under an inch tall.
The stands have a hole at the bottom.  I will add a piece of wire along with it
so you can just stick the wire into the bottom or glue it.
That way it will stick where you want without HOPEFULLY tipping over.
any questions


How they look outside....



Larger ones

Ball style
stand color

Smaller ones 1 inchers

Ball style
stand color