Faux Goldstone


Work Tile
Translucent Clay
Pearlex powders:
655 Super-Copper
690 Sparkling Copper
Pasta machine (optional)
Step 1: Condition Translucent clay. I rolled my clay through my pasta machine after conditioning. I find it easier to do this when working with powders!
Step 2: Add Pearlex Super copper to the clay. Work it into the clay. You want enough to make it dark but not too dark because it will darken a little after baking. It's really up to you how dark you want it!

Step 3: Add Sparkling Copper Pearlex. You want to use quite a bit. This will give it that sparkle that real goldstone has! Work it into your clay.
Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the color and sparkle, then shape and bake. Once out of the oven, put them in an ice water bath. Sand and buff the beads to a shine. I also coated them with Future to bring out more of the sparkle in them!
I hope you have fun with this lesson! It's simple and fun!!!

Jenny Cox
2003 Text and Pictures