Here you will find cute little charms!
And if you don't find something you like then just
And I will try to make it up so you can see it:)
Most charms are about an inch long.


Bunny Charms
Shown are tan bunnies with accents in blue, green, and pink.
You can choose the bunny color you would like if you don't want tan,
and you can also choose accent color.  You don't have to choose from what is
Shown if you have another color like yellow or whatever you can choose whatever
Color you would like:)

Color of bunny
Color of accents ( ears feet)

Kitten Charms
You may choose whatever color kitty you want!
Or if you have a pic of you little kitty you want matched just email me the pic:)
I will try my best to match the colors!

Color of kitty

Gingerbread Charm
This one is shown holding a heart.  But if you want it
holding something else or
Nothing at all that is fine too:)  Just let me know!

What do you want him holding