Chakra and Healing Stone Jewels
Lately I have been wanting to get back into the
whole healing stone and chakra thing!
I have some goodies made  up!
and More in the works!  So keep checking back!
If you have any questions or comments Please...


Hand wire wrapped pendants....


Stone choice

Chakra Crystal
Hand wire wrapped crystal with the charkra stones
7th/Crown/Sahasrara: white, violet - Amethyst

6th/Third Eye/Ajna: indigo, dark blue - Sodalite

5th/Throat/Vishuddhi: light blue - aquamarine
4th/Heart/Anahata: green, pink - aventurine
3rd/Solar Plexus/Manipura: yellow - yellow aventurine
2nd/Sacral/Swadhistana: orange - Carnelian
1st/Base/Muladhara: red - garnet


"DRAGON HANDS" (that is what my little girly calls them!)
These come in assorted colors and stones!
You can pick what stone you would like and what color......
Pictured are....
Green/crystal, purple/amethyst, pink/rose quartz.
See healing properties below.
(more to come!)
If there is a certain stone you are looking for just ask!  I may be able to get it?




Amethyst Healing properties.
It calms the mind, known as "nature's tranquilizer", It also
enhances mental strength, stability, and vigor.
The healing powers of Amethyst date back as far as the
ancient Greeks who believed that Amethyst protected from
the intoxicating effects of alcohol.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is the essential stone for increasing love and for times of
extreme emotional turmoil, such as divorce, bereavement or career set backs
because it helps to remind the wearer of the importance of self-love.
The stone is also recommended for improving mental discipline and making
one more responsible, and for meditation and mental tranquility.
They use Rose Quartz for treating cardiovascular health, fertility, headaches,
kidney disease, migraines and sexual dysfunction, as well as those disorders
occurring in the throat, ears, nose and sinuses.

Quartz Crystal
spiritualists believe this crystal to be an important self-esteem stone.
One of the traditional healing stones believed to draw out pain and amplify
healing energy. Crystal Healers use clear Quartz in rituals meant to treat
convulsions, diarrhea, dizziness, exposure to radiation, general pain,
hemorrhages, headaches, hypochondria and kidney diseases