~*Preserved Memories*~
By Jenny Cox

Just in time for the HOLIDAYS!

Ever save flowers from maybe Prom, your wedding, the funeral of a loved one, the
birth of your child, or maybe even just because?
Now is your chance to make them into something you can wear and keep close to
your heart!
All you need to do is make sure your flowers are dried, Send them my way, And
Tell me what you would like done with them!
I can make them into a bracelet, charms for necklaces, Or whatever you would like!
Any flower that is dried will work! Even the babies breath!
Its kind of like a flower arrangement you can wear!
Here is a sample of a bracelet that I have made!
This one I used flowers from my grandmothers funeral. In it I have Roses (large
Beads) and Baby's breath Small beads.
This is just one style of bracelets you can choose from.
This is a wonderful way to DO something with all those dried flowers that you keep!
And its something you can pass down to your children also:)
Each bead tile is hand sanded to a smooth finish.  It is then glazed
To give it that extra shine.
A care card will come with your bracelet!
If you decide to order one please email me and I will give you the Details
on where to send the flowers to.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me:)

Bracelet Styles
Style 1
This style is very unique and something that is sure to
Catch eyes!  For this style it would be very pretty to have
The roses, carnations or whatever flower you would like
for the larger tile and maybe baby's breath for the round beads!
Or you can also have silver beads for the round beads!

Style 2
This style is also very pretty yet Simple!
Again for this one you could use the flowers for the
Tiles and I can either make the round beads out of baby's breath, flowers
or even glass beads (as shown).

Style 3
This style is probably one of my favorites!
Here I used the Roses for the "large" tiles and baby's breath
for the smaller ones.  The tiles on this one is
Not as large as the ones on style 2. 


(pictures soon)
Maybe you are not a bracelet person!
So here are a few pendant styles you may also choose from!
I will have more soon as I am working on some as we speak!

Rose Pendant
I used the rose petals in the rose and Baby's breath for
 the round bead at the top!  But remember you
can have it anyway you would like!  This is just
An example!

Surrounded by LOVE!
This pendant I designed myself!  No matter how small you feel
In life itself you are always surrounded by love!
No matter if its friends, family, or whoever you are always LOVED!
With this one I used the Rose petals for the outer bead and
Baby's breath for the inner bead.

More pictures coming soon.

Butterfly Earrings