I love making little polymer clay bears too!
But then by now you are wondering WHAT DOESN'T SHE LIKE TO MAKE!
Well I guess I can honestly say I LOVE WHAT I DO! hehehehe
Anyway some bears you will find on here have jointed legs and arms! 
You can pose them to sit or stand!  Some also have glass eyes!
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to EMAIL ME!


Ribbon color


Polar bear on ice w/ scarf

Scarf colors

White Bear with Hearts


Nose color

Teddy Bear Ornaments
Conversation heart

Saying on heart
heart color

Easter Egg

MORE ornaments coming soon!

Jelly Bean Bear

Bear on Glass Heart


1Teddy Bear Ornament


Color of Bulb

Polar bear on ICE
This sweet little polar bear is just "chillin" on his own piece of ICE!

Black bear with Honey Pot
Honey Looks REAL!
After a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains I have totally fallen in love with Black bears!
I did see one on the way up the mountain but when we had a chance to turn around and go back
so I could get a picture we couldn't find him:(
So the spirit of the black bear has been with me every since!



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